Holistic Development and Motivation

It is not all about academics at the RASA. We also prepare students for life, since, for us, it is excellence in all endeavours. A well-rounded personality develops over a period of time, and we make it happen through an evolved, concept-based curriculum aimed at the development of life skills to help the child adapt successfully within the society.

RASA International School firmly believes that learning is a life-long process and has hence created a supportive, safe and secure environment that helps in nurturing the love for learning in the child.

Other Salient Features

  • Teacher students ratio of 1 :15.
  • Differentiated learning support.
  • A wide range of web-based resources for deeper understanding of concepts.
  • Timely feedback of students for continuous improvement to their parents through various programme like , Parents Orientation Programme, Parents Induction Programme and Students Development Programmes.
  • Focus on acquisition of knowledge, skills and values.
  • Project based learning through Computer, Science, Math and SST Labs.
  • Events such as Literary week, Science week to engage students.
  • Initially emphasizing on best acclaimed reading programme where the four language learning skills LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are taught through various activity.
  • Giving wide exposure to our students on how to preserve and promote and respect our nature, tradition and culture.
  • CORD (Core of Root Development) programme to bring Teacher, Students and Parents at one platform for a better coordination, cooperation and collaboration for creating a growing happy environment and society.