We believe that Club Activities in RASA are very important in shaping the life & career of students. Club Activities provide potential life skills as well as Career Skills that a student can use throughout his or her life. Participating in club activities helps to improve significant.  It helps to build vital skills for his desired career. Students need to take a leadership role, and all club leaders need this is a great opportunity to Develop Leadership Skills in Students for Careers at a young age. With most clubs in our school, there is an opportunity to meet important people who are not part of the school and with influential people in the community. Some clubs even go beyond the school year, resulting in the development of friendships that can last a lifetime that affect the interests of the common people and positively affect each other. These clubs help learners to represent themselves in a systematic, decorative, and holistic way. You will find that the members of the clubs who involve in their favorite clubs are more presentable, confident, and have a tendency to more discipline. We at RASA are here to develop skills for life through club activities which will be highly effective for them in transforming their own self and society at large.

Teacher In-chargeMr Ankush
Student RepresentativeAdarshani (X)
Student RepresentativePrince Chahar (VIII)


Art & Dance CLUB
Teacher In-chargeMs Ruchi Dixit
Teacher In-chargeMs Taira Bano
Student RepresentativeApoorv Mangal (X)
Student RepresentativeMuskan (VIII)


Literary Club (English)
Teacher In-chargeMr Susheel Kumar
Teacher In-chargeMs Navdeep Kaur
Student RepresentativeRajat (IX)
Student RepresentativeAvika Bhatnagar (IX)


Literary Club (Hindi)
Teacher In-chargeMs Neetu Sharma
Teacher In-chargeMs Chandani Sharma
Student RepresentativeKartik (X)
Student RepresentativeNandani (IX)


Math & Science Club
Teacher In-chargeMr Harshit Yadav
Student RepresentativeNancy(VIII)
Student RepresentativeSarthak (VIII)


Eco Club
Teacher In-chargeMr Syed Majid Hussain
Teacher In-chargeMs Renu Chauhan
Student RepresentativeYashi (IX)
Student RepresentativeSumit Mahaura (IX)


Theatre & Dance Club
Teacher In-chargeMr Shivam Mudgal
Student RepresentativeChhavi Mittal (IX)
Student RepresentativeNischal (VIII)


Cyber & Social Media CLUB
Teacher In-chargeMs Deen Dayal Singh
Student RepresentativeChandra Mangal (IX)
Student RepresentativeShristi Sharma (IX)